Fast & Easy Infant Underwear

My sweetie pie wants to use the bathroom lately. 

As I’ve found already, it’s very hard to find the really tiny underwear. What’s more- he’s thinner than average, so the smallest underwear in the store doesn’t fit him. I was looking for a quick pattern for underwear, but what I’ve found online involved threading elastic, and drafting a pattern and what not. In other words- too much for me for making a pair of underwear for an infant who’s getting potty trained! 

So I came up with this, and it works for me. I’ve made few out of a large sized T-shirt, but as you can imagine, those underwear don’t absorb much. The tutorials online called for an absorbent lining and an outer water-resistant layer. Too much work for me, as I meant to make lots of them fast, and I didn’t have any suitable material, for the outer layer, on hand. 

I came up with this idea. It’s an in between compromise that should work out. DH went to the grocery store, and was asked to look for a beach towel on sale. He bought 2 for $4. I can get 12 underwear out of one. The other one I’ll probably leave intact, since the towels are so cute and that one has a train (!!!). The towel is pretty thin so the underwear won’t be bulky, and should absorb better than a T-shirt.

To the tutorial!

1) I took the smallest underwear I could find, turned it so the back was facing me, and used it as a pattern on the folded towel. I left some seam allowance for the bottom, and sides. Note- the underwear is going to be longer on the legs, since I ignored the ‘bikini’ line, to make it faster, and to fit him better. 

2) I cut around the pattern and sewed the sides and bottom. 

3) Measured elastic to stretch a bit around the waste, cut it in half, and sewed each half to the top of the underwear, while stretching the elastic a bit. The trick to not using pins here (another time saver), is to sew the elastic about 1/2” inch, and then stretch it with your hand to meet the other end of the back/front. 

4) Measure elastic to stretch a bit around the legs, and sew into place. 

5) (G-d willing, a short while later) Enjoy your sweetie pie being all potty trained and looking cute in undies!


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