Baby-is-coming Pantry and Quick Meal Ideas

Less than 2 months to go, and I’m starting to build up a pantry to help with the weeks after the baby comes.

What I need are semi-prepared meals to put in the freezer and will cook fast, meals that will be very very simple, easy, and fast to make (less than 5 min. preparation), and meals that can be eaten without preparation or just be warmed up.

The idea behind freezing meals that are not cooked, is saving room in the freezer for more meals and some cookie dough.

I have a list of  things to make, and ideas for dinners. I’ll update as I go along.

Semi-Prepared Meals to put in the freezer:

Jambalaya Rice mix. Each bag is a double batch, so I used 2 cups rice in each. all is needed is to put it in the pot, add water and tomato sauce (or reconstitute it from tomato paste- the paste can be frozen in the same bag with the rice), bring to boil, cover and let cook for 20-25 minutes. Chunks of sausage can be added to make a complete meal.

Chickpeas and Vegetables (carrot, onion, squash, and spices), also in the freezer. The chickpeas are cooked. I’ll need to add some orzo and water to it, bring to boil and cook for 15-20 minutes.

Rice and Lentils. The same idea- add to the pot with water and cook.

Fast Cooking Meals

Pizza on Bagel

Omelette sandwich. You can add to the omelette toppings like: cheese, olives, mushrooms,chopped onions, basil, salsa, red peppers, tomato, or whatever else you like.

Baked Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Spaghetti Squash (don’t peel any- just scrub well). To be served with sour cream and some cut up fresh vegetables.

Pumpkin Soup (You can put a pumpkin in the oven when you bake the potatoes and use it for soup the next day).

Pasta with a simple tomato sauce (add some italian seasoning to a can of crushed tomatoes, and heat up).

Spaghetti with baked beans. You can heat the beans up with some salsa, or taco seasoning. I like to add some cumin, coriander, onion powder, oregano and some crushed tomatoes to the beans.

Chicken nuggets with french fries, store-bought, baked in the oven (to spare the time standing near the stove to turn them over).

Sloppy Joe on a bun.

Chicken and vegetables in the slow cooker. No need to get fancy- just scrub few potatoes, add baby carrots and some spice, and put with the chicken in the slow cooker for as long as it takes. You can add rice or barley instead of the potatoes, to spare some more time.

No Cooking Required Meals and Light Meals/ Snacks

PB & J Sandwishes (Ok, ok, it doesn’t have to be for dinner, you can have it for breakfast or as a snack).

Tortillas or Tacos with baked beans, sour cream, cole slaw, and salsa.

Bagel with cream cheese, or egg salad, or tuna salad, etc.

Granola and Yoghurt

Hot Oatmeal Cereal (a homemade mix is much cheaper)


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