T-Shirt Nursing Nightgown

A modest, functional, nursing nightgown for a total cost of $2.12 + thread and work time. I don’t remember how long it took me to make it. Maybe an hour, maybe less.

I got from the Dollar Store 2 huge T-shirts. How huge? xxxl huge. Well. That makes it sound like I’m so thin. But I gain a lot of weight during pregnancies, but thank G-d it comes off in between pregnancies.

I decided in advance which shirt I want for the middle part (the darker one). I put on the other shirt, inside out, marked an inch or two under bust, took it off and marked the shirt horizontally to that length.

Next, I put a roomy shirt on that T-shirt (turned inside out, remember?), and marked the shape for the sleeves and sides all the way down to the horizontal line. I sewed on the lines of the sleeves and sides.

I cut the shirt on the horizontal line, and cut the extra fabric on the sleeves and seams.

I drew on the darker T-shirt a horizontal line that went right under the sleeves, from one sleeve to the other. I cut that line.

Next, I sewed the first T-shirt to the darker one. I put few pins in the back to make a gathering at the middle of the back. Nothing fancy, I just sewed it onto the other shirt, I didn’t gather before sewing, I was only helped by the markings of the pins. I sewed the cut parts together, but you can sew carefully the bottom part of the dark one to the upper shirt, while leaving the hem ‘free’, so you’ll have a ready-made casing for elastic/ ribbon.

I sewed the bottom half of the first T-shirt to the bottom of the nightgown.

I cut a vertical slot, about 1/2 inch wide, on the first T-shirt, from neck to bust, being careful to stay at least an inch above the sewing line. That makes the nursing opening. I cut a square piece from the remains of the darker T-shirt. The piece has to be as long as the upper part of the  nightgown, and a bit less wide as the upper part. I sewed that panel under the nursing opening, sewing only the top line and the bottom line.

You could (should?) sew a small hem on the opening to prevent it from stretching too much (just make sure it’s long and big enough to be used as a nursing opening before you do so). I didn’t and I don’t mind the stretching. It doesn’t really sag, so it’s fine with me.

I need to take a picture with me wearing it, but for now I have this picture:


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