Sweet Moments 101- Introduction

What is Sweet Moments 101 about?

Sweet moments are the moments that are there for you every day, waiting for you to notice them and enjoy them. Those are moments that can turn into islands of bliss in a chaotic day.

Sweet Moments 101 intends on introducing you to the world of sweet moments, learn how to recognize them, and how to enjoy them.

If you don’t understand why there’s a need to learn this- great! Just keep on the good work!

If you do think there’s a need to learn this- great! You found a tutorial! ^_^

I don’t intend on explaining how to be happy 24/7, because I am not like that, but I can recommend some books. Nevertheless, finding sweet moments in life can change your whole day, your mood, and your way of life. Focusing on what’s good in your everyday life can change your perception of things happening to you, and keep the bad/ unpleasant/ unwanted things in proportions. Do you know the feeling of unkind words that were aimed at you, and the hunting feeling that lasted more than 10x the time the bad experience lasted? Have you ever stopped to think why is it you don’t enjoy a good experience for a long time, proportionally (= 10x the time it actually lasted)? Not that I have a satisfying answer for that, but paying attention to what we focus on, helps with learning how to improve our daily life.

Be prepared for some hard mental work. There are always excuses to not enjoy a sweet moment, and it may seem silly and not important, but keep working on it and you’ll see the difference. It’s hard work, but a brief one. Start slowly, and continue in your own pace.

I don’t plan on making class 102, because that should be your practice, your hands-on experience in daily life.


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