Sweet Moments 101 – Define Your Sweet Moments

Define ‘Sweet Moments’.

What does it mean to you?

When I’m talking about ‘moments’, that’s exactly what I mean- a moment in time. Nothing like a huge raise, a job promotion, a great deal on a car, or even marrying your beloved.

Just a moment of something sweet. Moments that if we don’t pay attention to them, will pass us by, with potential happiness gone to waste.

So what does it mean to you? Define your own sweet moments. Do it in writing if it’s too hard to think about such moments. Even if you haven’t mastered the art of enjoying those moments, it’s important that you define those moments first, to make sure you know what you like and what you can enjoy right now. When a moment gets tagged as a sweet moment, it’s easier to learn how to enjoy it, and use that moment to relieve some stress.

Here’s a sample of my sweet moments, moments I enjoy, not in order of importance. Some are everyday moment, some are not. I enjoy a lot of other things, but I tried to have on the list things that are a moment in time. Note- most of them are not about a sense of accomplishment, or something of that sort.

Happy kids, laughing and smiling

Crocheting (what a stress reliever!)

Finishing projects fast (usually crochet or sewing)

Finally finishing projects that took too long

A shower with a fragrant soap

The smell of freshly baked anything-with-cinnamon

The smell of bread being baked

The smell of coriander

Tea ( English Breakfast in the morning with a bit of sugar and milk, Earl Grey, or Jasmine tea are some of my favorites)

Black bean brownies

Chocolate (that’s an easy one, but I had to add it…)

Shiny sinks






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