Sweet Moments 101- Attention!

After defining your sweet moments, pay attention and notice when they arrive.

It may sound obvious, but it’s not so. How many times have you had a quiet moment all by yourself, had some sweets, saw flowers blooming, ate something good, smelled something good, and didn’t stop to enjoy the moment? How many times have you passed by those flowers without paying attention to the beautiful color or fragrance? How many times have you tasted the sweetness of the dessert but forgot that you enjoy them and therefor can eat slowly and smile to yourself while doing so? There’s a difference between thinking about that a certain fragrance is nice and agreeing with you, and thinking ”Oh! Wow! That fragrance is really nice!” with at least a tad of excitement.

In order to enjoy Sweet Moments, you need first to be able to notice them. Pay attention to moments in life, and keep in mind that when Sweet Moments arrive, there’s something you need to do- enjoy them! It’s like collecting the gold coins in a game- you have to be able to notice the gold coins, because if you can’t see them, you won’t be able to collect them.

So pay attention and make sure to notice the Sweet Moments as they come.


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