Sweet Moments 101- Right Here, Right Now

Have you ever heard of ”Here now, gone tomorrow”?

Well, it doesn’t work this way with Sweet Moments. It’s more like ”Here now, gone just-a-bit-after now”.

Have you ever had a really good dessert? Has it occurred to you that you should or could enjoy the dessert later, say, 5 minutes after eating it? I don’t mean eat it later- just enjoy it later. Do the eating part first, but enjoy it 5 minutes after you eat it.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

The same principal goes with Sweet Moments. After defining Sweet Moments, and noticing them, you should enjoy them right away! There’s no reason to postpone enjoying the good feeling the Sweet Moment provides, even if you have a bad case of procrastination!

The sweet moment won’t last forever. Sweet moments, by definition are only ‘moments’. Hence the name, etc. Whether you enjoy them or not, they’ll pass. It’ll be such a waste to let them go without enjoying them.

When you notice a Sweet Moment, take a deep breathe, clear you mind for 1-3 seconds of all other thoughts, smile and take a mental note- a Sweet Moment. You are free to enjoy that moment no matter how the rest of your day turned out. A moment in time, an island of sweetness, all for you to enjoy. And it’s OK to enjoy a moment in time. Don’t feel bad about it. Even if you don’t feel like you deserve to feel good right now, It’ll only take a few seconds, so indulge! Give yourself a break from feeling bad and enjoy the moment. It’ll bring some sunshine into your mind, and with that light you’ll be able to see things more clearly.

That’s probably the hardest part of this crash course. To let go of other not-so-sweet moments, and indulge for a second or more only in sweetness, is a hard work. It’s a tiny meditation that requires a lot of concentration. But, as with physical workout, mental workout gets easier once you get into a routine of a workout. Sure, you need to push yourself a bit more every time, but getting into a habit of doing so and being willing to work hard and keep at it, is the biggest breakthrough.

Work on it for few days and you’ll see it gets easier with time 🙂


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