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Chanukah Lollipop Candle Favors

The lollipop is peeking through a cut out in a shape of a flame. I used very thin foam for that. It’s from the dollar store, so it’s indeed very thin. I didn’t intend on using foam originally, but I think it turned out nice this way.

Picture 779

Picture 784


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5 Little Kittens Jumping on the Bed

Do you know the 5 little kittens that were jumping on the bed, one fell off, etc.?

Yes, I know, I know, most people know the 5 little monkeys. However, in our little urban place, kittens are more likely to be jumping on the bed.

I pasted on the back of a cereal box, cut outs from a beautiful sticker book that was already used up, and I just had to find some use to the stickers. Then I pasted the whole thing on a coloured popsicle stick. The picture of the bed was glued to a box I folded. Nothing fancy. I didn’t have 3 boxes in a good size, and folding a simple box was the solution I came up with.

5 Little Kittens

Well, actually, we don’t have kittens or cats in the house.

Umm… And I was looking for pictures of monkeys, but couldn’t find enough of them.

And since I’m already confessing- The beds come from a catalogue of a certain place that insists on sending us their catalogue though we never shop there. Not that I’m complaining- as you can see, I put it to good use.

And… One last thing… The kids liked the idea. It was a lot of fun for the few minutes they found interest in it… -_-

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The Easiest Frozen Treats

All natural, too. To sum it up in 2 words: freeze bananas.

Here’s what you do:

  • Take a ripe banana(not too ripe).
  • Cut it in half.
  • Put popsicle sticks into each half. Wide straws work OK, but are not as stable.
  • Peel the banana.
  • Put in the freezer on a plate covered with plastic wrap.
  • Once frozen, wrap each frozen banana with plastic wrap.

You can also dip the bananas in chocolate, and cover with sprinkles, but that won’t make them the easiest to make. Kids can help with preparing the bananas to be frozen, or dip them in chocolate, or cover with honey or marshmallow fluff.

Oh, and in case you wonder why I post about frozen bananas when it’s almost cold enough to freeze them outside- I got a box of yellow ones for $2. Actually, they were not all ripe, but the skin was already yellow. So I made lots of things with them. I should have made more frozen bananas- the kids finished them fast!

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Clouds & Rain

Monday was a rainy day. It’s a good thing it was, because I wanted to make this craft for few weeks now.
I cut shapes of clouds from a box (use a cereal box or something similar), and punched holes almost in a row on the bottom.
I gave the kids shopping bags to roll, and then cut to strips (not too thin).
Next, they put a strip halfway through a hole in the cloud, and knotted it.
Ta-Da! A cloud with rain*.
It sounds a bit like rain when you shake the rain (hold the top).
Not that I needed that to hear rain on a rainy day. But the kids had a lot of fun, used the scissors, practiced tying knots, and were very happy with the results.

*The rain is more like a stream of water, but the cloud is not very real either, so it’s OK.

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Bedtime, The Musical

Now playing in a bedroom near you!

The time: Bedtime, whatever it means to you.

The outfit: Almost pajamas.

What to bring: Good will and lots of love.

Having a happy child singing all the way to bed and putting on PJ’s with a happy glare in his eyes and a huge smile on his face: Priceless!

So here’s the deal. Instead of repeated asking (which I hate doing), then counting to whatever, then yelling, then threatening he won’t get something or the other tomorrow, and then some more yelling and more counting, I decided to try a different thing. Singing. I don’t remember how I got the idea. The fact I don’t remember how it started probably indicates I was mighty tired at the time. Strange things happy when I get mighty tired to think straight. Some of those strange things are good things. So I’m sharing.

To the melody of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”, I attached sentences that refer to putting on PJ’s and change according to the progress. Don’t worry about making it rhyme- I’ve found that if you end up any sentence, no matter how long, with ”1, 2, 3” or ”Way to go”, it’ll rhyme no matter how long the sentence. Hehe.

It sounds something like this: ”Who is taking off his shirt? 1,2,3

Who is taking off his shirt? 1,2,3

Who is taking off his shirt? Who is taking off his shirt? Who is taking off his shirt? 1,2,3

Who is putting on his pajamas? 1,2,3…” (And so on in this manner until the clothes are off and the pajamas are on.)

“Who has his pajamas on? Way to go!…”

And so on, and so on, change the words as you go along according to the progress, what needs to be done and what got done. You can add claps, whistles, and such at the end of the sentence.

I can’t promise it’ll work with everybody, but with a kid who really likes getting excited and encouraged about things, it might work. Worth the try. It doesn’t always work to get him to sleep on time, but at least the PJ’s are on very fast, and he’s happier at bedtime. I have to say that it gets me too in a lighter mood, and the end of the day is not as much of a drag and I don’t dread as much the bedtime routine.

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Yarn is Fun

Lo and behold! Playing with yarn without a hook or a needle, and I’m not talking about macrame either.

I cut some yarn and arranged parallel strands on the carpet. The kids were challenged to jump between the strands, walk sideways, jump with one leg, and jump in different ways (hands to the side, hands on the hips, etc.), without touching the yarn.

It worked well with the preschooler, the toddler joined in later.

After that, we took the strands and arranged them in different shapes.

It was a lot of easy, cheap fun. I was actually a bit surprised to see how much they enjoyed it.

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Purim Activity

Draw pictures that are related to Purim on construction paper or something else suitable (the kids will step on the picture). Tape the pictures to the floor. Play a song and tell the kids to walk or run or jump between the pictures. Stop the music and say, for example, ‘Clown!’. The kids need to find that picture, and stand on it until the music is resumed.

I made 2 pictures of each, as it was for 2 kids. I put a packaging tape ‘ring’ behind the picture and taped it to the carpet. You can let the kids color the pictures first. I have on the floor: candies, smiling faces, hamantaschen, noise makers, clown’s hat, the word ‘Purim’,and a crown, all in different colors.

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