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Scented Tree for Tu Bishvat

It’s like a scratch and sniff art, only you don’t have to scratch it.

I mixed different packets of drink powder (you know, the ones aimed at kids), and some lemonade powder with a very small amount of water. I tried to use a variety of colors. Cotton swabs helped control the amount of liquid used, and the poster was heavy enough for this project.

2 weeks later, the trees still smell fruity. The orange scent is very strong, so take into account it might overpower other scents.




It was a lot of fun (And by that, I mean to say, of course, that it was a very quiet project that kept them busy for a while ^_^).


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5 Little Kittens Jumping on the Bed

Do you know the 5 little kittens that were jumping on the bed, one fell off, etc.?

Yes, I know, I know, most people know the 5 little monkeys. However, in our little urban place, kittens are more likely to be jumping on the bed.

I pasted on the back of a cereal box, cut outs from a beautiful sticker book that was already used up, and I just had to find some use to the stickers. Then I pasted the whole thing on a coloured popsicle stick. The picture of the bed was glued to a box I folded. Nothing fancy. I didn’t have 3 boxes in a good size, and folding a simple box was the solution I came up with.

5 Little Kittens

Well, actually, we don’t have kittens or cats in the house.

Umm… And I was looking for pictures of monkeys, but couldn’t find enough of them.

And since I’m already confessing- The beds come from a catalogue of a certain place that insists on sending us their catalogue though we never shop there. Not that I’m complaining- as you can see, I put it to good use.

And… One last thing… The kids liked the idea. It was a lot of fun for the few minutes they found interest in it… -_-

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For Elul 6th

Today I talked about how our heart is ”broken” and aching from all the bad things we did, and on Elul we pray even more, asking for forgiveness. We ask H’ to help us mend our heart.

I cut a thin foam heart, then cut it in the middle, and they pasted the heart on a paper, putting it together.

I thought a puzzle of more than 2 pieces of such a simple shape might be too hard for them. Anyway, piecing a puzzle together was not my main focus.

Another thing we did was decorate pencil boxes. Those are pretty big containers, enough to fit a box of 27 crayons (that I got for $0.20 each!), and more.

Not much glue was left ^_^

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Clouds & Rain

Monday was a rainy day. It’s a good thing it was, because I wanted to make this craft for few weeks now.
I cut shapes of clouds from a box (use a cereal box or something similar), and punched holes almost in a row on the bottom.
I gave the kids shopping bags to roll, and then cut to strips (not too thin).
Next, they put a strip halfway through a hole in the cloud, and knotted it.
Ta-Da! A cloud with rain*.
It sounds a bit like rain when you shake the rain (hold the top).
Not that I needed that to hear rain on a rainy day. But the kids had a lot of fun, used the scissors, practiced tying knots, and were very happy with the results.

*The rain is more like a stream of water, but the cloud is not very real either, so it’s OK.

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Drawing With Oil

Another Chanukah activity for kids- draw a bottle of oil (greek style) on heavy paper, and let the kids paint the area surrounding the bottle with crayons or markers. Then, give them a Q-tip dipped in oil, and let them paint the bottle with it (”fill” it with oil). Hang the painting on a window.
You can also draw some greek patterns on the bottle before painting it with oil.

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Yarn is Fun

Lo and behold! Playing with yarn without a hook or a needle, and I’m not talking about macrame either.

I cut some yarn and arranged parallel strands on the carpet. The kids were challenged to jump between the strands, walk sideways, jump with one leg, and jump in different ways (hands to the side, hands on the hips, etc.), without touching the yarn.

It worked well with the preschooler, the toddler joined in later.

After that, we took the strands and arranged them in different shapes.

It was a lot of easy, cheap fun. I was actually a bit surprised to see how much they enjoyed it.

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Homemade Finger Paint

Not much to it. I put some conditioner (white) in a foam egg carton, and added a bit of food coloring. I didn’t add too much coloring, so the color is somewhat faint, but I actually like the end result. The kids like the feel of it, and I like that it’s washable. And that they can play with conditioner under supervision. (I also like finding a use for a conditioner that I didn’t like on my hair…)

You  can add spices instead of food coloring. However, FYI, cocoa is messier, and paprika or cinnamon can cause some irritation.

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