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Chanukah Lollipop Candle Favors

The lollipop is peeking through a cut out in a shape of a flame. I used very thin foam for that. It’s from the dollar store, so it’s indeed very thin. I didn’t intend on using foam originally, but I think it turned out nice this way.

Picture 779

Picture 784


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Drawing With Oil

Another Chanukah activity for kids- draw a bottle of oil (greek style) on heavy paper, and let the kids paint the area surrounding the bottle with crayons or markers. Then, give them a Q-tip dipped in oil, and let them paint the bottle with it (”fill” it with oil). Hang the painting on a window.
You can also draw some greek patterns on the bottle before painting it with oil.

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Mystery Pictures Revealed

For Chanukah, I drew* some pictures of Chanukah related items with a candle on cardboard**. Then, I let the kids paint the cardboard with foam brushes and watercolors. The pictures I drew were revealed to everybody’s delight***.

The wax from the candle acts like crayons to resist the water colors, but since it goes almost clear on the paper, the cardboard/paper has to be painted to reveal the pictures. As an added bonus- using a candle makes it more of a Chanukah craft. Right? ^_^

Oh, the thin candles break easily. It’s much easier to work with a thick candlestick.


*I didn’t let them draw themselves to make it faster, and easier for everyone. It’s very hard to see what’s drawn on the paper, and I wanted to focus on revealing the pictures.

**I use cereal boxes and other lightweight boxes for different crafts, as they hold better than paper and cost nothing.

***It was mostly my delight, I suspect, but they were tired, it was early afternoon, they came back from preschool not long before that, so I should be satisfied with the cooperation I got. I’ll see how it goes when they are not so tired. I need to also try different types of paint.

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Chanukah Apples

I know, I know, I didn’t do a good job on these, but I had the picture, and Chanukah is coming.
Basically, I (carefully) peeled off some of the apple peel with a pairing knife, to make a shape of a dreidel, and a candle. I first ‘drew’ with the knife the basic shape, and then peeled very carefully around the shape. You can peel the shape too, but I like it this way.

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Chanukah Candle Cookies

Candle cookies, complete with a flame.

Well, almost…

What You Need:

Sugar Cookie Dough in 2 colours ( I had plain and cocoa)

Candle Cookie Cutters*

Crushed Hard Candy, in red, yellow, orange, or any combination of the colours

Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or a silicon mat

How To:

Roll out the dough in 2 colours.

Cut out of each colour a big rectangle.

(At this point, you might want to transfer the rectangles to the cookie sheet and finish working on it there, OR transfer later, very carefully,  using a spatula.)

Cut out the smaller rectangle for the candle, and the ‘flame’**.

Put the cocoa candle in the hole for the plain candle, and vice versa.

At this point, if you hadn’t done it yet, transfer the cookie to the cookie sheet. Make sure you line the cookie sheet with parchment paper or a silicon mat. It’ll help a lot with releasing the cookies without risking the candy sticking to the cookie sheet, and causing the cookies to break…

Fill the hole for the flame with crushed hard candy.

Bake as usual. Few minutes before the baking is done, take the cookie sheet out of the oven and add more crushed candy to the flame. Return to oven to finish baking.

Let cool in the pan for a minute or two, and then cool on a rack completely. Be careful when removing the cookies.

*The cookie cutters were made in a similar way  to the way I made the shofar cookie cutter, and they consist of a small narrow rectangle for the candle, a small teardrop for the flame, and a bigger and wider rectangle to ‘frame’ the candle.

**I cut the rest of the dough into rectangles, and attached  the ‘flame’ cutouts to the candle rectangles. You can also bake them as tiny tiny cookies, or re-roll the dough.

Happy Chanukah!

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