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Hamantaschen Box

I could feel the “Haman” part when I made it >_<
Template was made from 4 even sided (more or less) triangles, and "flaps were added to the outer sides. Then I cut out triangular "windows", taped some cellophane to the inside, and outlined a hamantaschen shape on the outside.
All lines to be folded were scored on the inside, with the duller side of the scissors' tip.
One side (2 flaps) was taped with a permanent double-sided tape.
As for the closing of the box, it can be taped (after filling, of course), or the box can be tied with the flaps on the inside or outside. A ribbon can be added to the rectangle at the top, or the sides of the box, to carry it.
The outside was later painted with scented paint- drink powder with a bit of water.

Picture 973
Picture 971
Picture 972

Lessons learned:
1) It’s not so simple to find a stencil or draw an even-sided triangle.
2) Cellophane won’t stick to the shiny side of a poster board with school glue.
3) A permanent marker, double-sided tape, and an x-acto knife are very useful inventions.


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PurimĀ Activity

Draw pictures that are related to Purim on construction paper or something else suitable (the kids will step on the picture). Tape the pictures to the floor. Play a song and tell the kids to walk or run or jump between the pictures. Stop the music and say, for example, ‘Clown!’. The kids need to find that picture, and stand on it until the music is resumed.

I made 2 pictures of each, as it was for 2 kids. I put a packaging tape ‘ring’ behind the picture and taped it to the carpet. You can let the kids color the pictures first. I have on the floor: candies, smiling faces, hamantaschen, noise makers, clown’s hat, the word ‘Purim’,and a crown, all in different colors.

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