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5 Little Kittens Jumping on the Bed

Do you know the 5 little kittens that were jumping on the bed, one fell off, etc.?

Yes, I know, I know, most people know the 5 little monkeys. However, in our little urban place, kittens are more likely to be jumping on the bed.

I pasted on the back of a cereal box, cut outs from a beautiful sticker book that was already used up, and I just had to find some use to the stickers. Then I pasted the whole thing on a coloured popsicle stick. The picture of the bed was glued to a box I folded. Nothing fancy. I didn’t have 3 boxes in a good size, and folding a simple box was the solution I came up with.

5 Little Kittens

Well, actually, we don’t have kittens or cats in the house.

Umm… And I was looking for pictures of monkeys, but couldn’t find enough of them.

And since I’m already confessing- The beds come from a catalogue of a certain place that insists on sending us their catalogue though we never shop there. Not that I’m complaining- as you can see, I put it to good use.

And… One last thing… The kids liked the idea. It was a lot of fun for the few minutes they found interest in it… -_-


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Clouds & Rain

Monday was a rainy day. It’s a good thing it was, because I wanted to make this craft for few weeks now.
I cut shapes of clouds from a box (use a cereal box or something similar), and punched holes almost in a row on the bottom.
I gave the kids shopping bags to roll, and then cut to strips (not too thin).
Next, they put a strip halfway through a hole in the cloud, and knotted it.
Ta-Da! A cloud with rain*.
It sounds a bit like rain when you shake the rain (hold the top).
Not that I needed that to hear rain on a rainy day. But the kids had a lot of fun, used the scissors, practiced tying knots, and were very happy with the results.

*The rain is more like a stream of water, but the cloud is not very real either, so it’s OK.

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Mystery Pictures Revealed

For Chanukah, I drew* some pictures of Chanukah related items with a candle on cardboard**. Then, I let the kids paint the cardboard with foam brushes and watercolors. The pictures I drew were revealed to everybody’s delight***.

The wax from the candle acts like crayons to resist the water colors, but since it goes almost clear on the paper, the cardboard/paper has to be painted to reveal the pictures. As an added bonus- using a candle makes it more of a Chanukah craft. Right? ^_^

Oh, the thin candles break easily. It’s much easier to work with a thick candlestick.


*I didn’t let them draw themselves to make it faster, and easier for everyone. It’s very hard to see what’s drawn on the paper, and I wanted to focus on revealing the pictures.

**I use cereal boxes and other lightweight boxes for different crafts, as they hold better than paper and cost nothing.

***It was mostly my delight, I suspect, but they were tired, it was early afternoon, they came back from preschool not long before that, so I should be satisfied with the cooperation I got. I’ll see how it goes when they are not so tired. I need to also try different types of paint.

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