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Sweet Moments 101- Right Here, Right Now

Have you ever heard of ”Here now, gone tomorrow”?

Well, it doesn’t work this way with Sweet Moments. It’s more like ”Here now, gone just-a-bit-after now”.

Have you ever had a really good dessert? Has it occurred to you that you should or could enjoy the dessert later, say, 5 minutes after eating it? I don’t mean eat it later- just enjoy it later. Do the eating part first, but enjoy it 5 minutes after you eat it.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

The same principal goes with Sweet Moments. After defining Sweet Moments, and noticing them, you should enjoy them right away! There’s no reason to postpone enjoying the good feeling the Sweet Moment provides, even if you have a bad case of procrastination!

The sweet moment won’t last forever. Sweet moments, by definition are only ‘moments’. Hence the name, etc. Whether you enjoy them or not, they’ll pass. It’ll be such a waste to let them go without enjoying them.

When you notice a Sweet Moment, take a deep breathe, clear you mind for 1-3 seconds of all other thoughts, smile and take a mental note- a Sweet Moment. You are free to enjoy that moment no matter how the rest of your day turned out. A moment in time, an island of sweetness, all for you to enjoy. And it’s OK to enjoy a moment in time. Don’t feel bad about it. Even if you don’t feel like you deserve to feel good right now, It’ll only take a few seconds, so indulge! Give yourself a break from feeling bad and enjoy the moment. It’ll bring some sunshine into your mind, and with that light you’ll be able to see things more clearly.

That’s probably the hardest part of this crash course. To let go of other not-so-sweet moments, and indulge for a second or more only in sweetness, is a hard work. It’s a tiny meditation that requires a lot of concentration. But, as with physical workout, mental workout gets easier once you get into a routine of a workout. Sure, you need to push yourself a bit more every time, but getting into a habit of doing so and being willing to work hard and keep at it, is the biggest breakthrough.

Work on it for few days and you’ll see it gets easier with time ūüôā


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Sweet Moments 101- Attention!

After defining your sweet moments, pay attention and notice when they arrive.

It may sound obvious, but it’s not so. How many times have you had a quiet moment all by yourself, had some sweets, saw flowers blooming, ate something good, smelled something good, and didn’t stop to enjoy the moment? How many times have you passed by those flowers without paying attention to the beautiful color or fragrance? How many times have you tasted the sweetness of the dessert but forgot that you enjoy them and therefor can eat slowly and smile to yourself while doing so? There’s a difference between thinking about that a certain fragrance is nice and agreeing with you, and thinking ”Oh! Wow! That fragrance is really nice!” with at least a tad of excitement.

In order to enjoy Sweet Moments, you need first to be able to notice them. Pay attention to moments in life, and keep in mind that when Sweet Moments arrive, there’s something you need to do- enjoy them! It’s like collecting the gold coins in a game- you have to be able to notice the gold coins, because if you can’t see them, you won’t be able to collect them.

So pay attention and make sure to notice the Sweet Moments as they come.

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Sweet Moments 101 – Define Your Sweet Moments

Define ‘Sweet Moments’.

What does it mean to you?

When I’m talking about ‘moments’, that’s exactly what I mean- a moment in time. Nothing like a huge raise, a job promotion, a great deal on a car, or even marrying your beloved.

Just a moment of something sweet. Moments that if we don’t pay attention to them, will pass us by, with potential happiness gone to waste.

So what does it mean to you? Define your own sweet moments. Do it in writing if it’s too hard to think about such moments. Even if you haven’t mastered the art of enjoying those moments, it’s important that you define those moments first, to make sure you know what you like and what you can enjoy right now. When a moment gets tagged as a sweet moment, it’s easier to learn how to enjoy it, and use that moment to relieve some stress.

Here’s a sample of my sweet moments, moments I enjoy, not in order of importance. Some are everyday moment, some are not. I enjoy a lot of other things, but I tried to have on the list things that are a moment in time. Note- most of them are not about a sense of accomplishment, or something of that sort.

Happy kids, laughing and smiling

Crocheting (what a stress reliever!)

Finishing projects fast (usually crochet or sewing)

Finally finishing projects that took too long

A shower with a fragrant soap

The smell of freshly baked anything-with-cinnamon

The smell of bread being baked

The smell of coriander

Tea ( English Breakfast in the morning with a bit of sugar and milk, Earl Grey, or Jasmine tea are some of my favorites)

Black bean brownies

Chocolate (that’s an easy one, but I had to add it…)

Shiny sinks





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Sweet Moments 101- Introduction

What is Sweet Moments 101 about?

Sweet moments are the moments that are there for you every day, waiting for you to notice them and enjoy them. Those are moments that can turn into islands of bliss in a chaotic day.

Sweet Moments 101 intends on introducing you to the world of sweet moments, learn how to recognize them, and how to enjoy them.

If you don’t understand why there’s a need to learn this- great! Just keep on the good work!

If you do think there’s a need to learn this- great! You found a tutorial! ^_^

I don’t intend on explaining how to be happy 24/7, because I am not like that, but I can recommend some books. Nevertheless, finding sweet moments in life can change your whole day, your mood, and your way of life. Focusing on what’s good in your everyday life can change your perception of things happening to you, and keep the bad/ unpleasant/ unwanted things in proportions. Do you know the feeling of unkind words that were aimed at you, and the hunting feeling that lasted more than 10x the time the bad experience lasted? Have you ever stopped to think why is it you don’t enjoy a good experience for a long time, proportionally (= 10x the time it actually lasted)? Not that I have a satisfying answer for that, but paying attention to what we focus on, helps with learning how to improve our daily life.

Be prepared for some hard mental work. There are always excuses to not enjoy a sweet moment, and it may seem silly and not important, but keep working on it and you’ll see the difference. It’s hard work, but a brief one. Start slowly, and continue in your own pace.

I don’t plan on making class 102, because that should be your practice, your hands-on experience in daily life.

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Bedtime, The Musical

Now playing in a bedroom near you!

The time: Bedtime, whatever it means to you.

The outfit: Almost pajamas.

What to bring: Good will and lots of love.

Having a happy child singing all the way to bed and putting on PJ’s with a happy glare in his eyes and a huge smile on his face: Priceless!

So here’s the deal. Instead of repeated asking (which I hate doing), then counting to whatever, then yelling, then threatening he won’t get something or the other tomorrow, and then some more yelling and more counting, I decided to try a different thing. Singing. I don’t remember how I got the idea. The fact I don’t remember how it started probably indicates I was mighty tired at the time. Strange things happy when I get mighty tired to think straight. Some of those strange things are good things. So I’m sharing.

To the melody of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”, I attached sentences that refer to putting on PJ’s and change according to the progress. Don’t worry about making it rhyme- I’ve found that if you end up any sentence, no matter how long, with ”1, 2, 3” or ”Way to go”, it’ll rhyme no matter how long the sentence. Hehe.

It sounds something like this: ”Who is taking off his shirt? 1,2,3

Who is taking off his shirt? 1,2,3

Who is taking off his shirt? Who is taking off his shirt? Who is taking off his shirt? 1,2,3

Who is putting on his pajamas? 1,2,3…” (And so on in this manner until the clothes are off and the pajamas are on.)

“Who has his pajamas on? Way to go!…”

And so on, and so on, change the words as you go along according to the progress, what needs to be done and what got done. You can add claps, whistles, and such at the end of the sentence.

I can’t promise it’ll work with everybody, but with a kid who really likes getting excited and encouraged about things, it might work. Worth the try. It doesn’t always work to get him to sleep on time, but at least the PJ’s are on very fast, and he’s happier at bedtime. I have to say that it gets me too in a lighter mood, and the end of the day is not as much of a drag and I don’t dread as much the bedtime routine.

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Fudge-y Sweet Moments


What can I say? The mere thought of it makes me feel better. A concentrated happiness in a sweet, soft, smooth, chocolate-y treat. 

If you feel bad about the calories, you can always pretend to have it as a lesson in self-control. Smell it and stare it down without trying a piece. If you’re really brave you can try the advanced level- smell it, try a tiny piece, and stare it down without eating anymore. See for how long you can do it.¬†

OK, you know I’m just kidding! Go ahead and dig in!¬†

I have to say that nobody told me before about cranberries added to fudge. All those years of staying in the dark. Who said that ignorance is bliss? 


Walnut Cranberry Fudge-y Treat


1 can (12 oz., 396 g.) Sweetened condensed milk

1 package (12 oz., 340 g.) semi-sweet chocolate chips* 

A pinch (or more) ground cardamon 

1/2 cup cranberries**

1/2 cup walnuts, roughly chopped**

How to

Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a pot, and heat on medium, until the milk feels more liquid-y when stirring. 

Add the chocolate chips and cardamon, and stir to melt.

Take off the stove. Stir for a minute of so, but before the fudge gets hard, add the cranberries and walnuts.

Pour into a square baking pan lined with plastic wrap (I think it’s 9”x9”). Smooth the fudge as best as you can.

Now for the hard part- wait for it to settle. At least 2 hours. The next day it’s actually better.¬†

*The semi-sweet chocolate I use is from Kroger, their Value brand, which is the cheapest home-brand they carry. The chocolate chips are parve- non dairy. The fudge is dairy, but I use that chocolate as it is better and not as sweet as the more common ones on the market. Try it! It’s much cheaper too!¬†

**I’d probably add much more walnut and cranberries, maybe some almond and other goodies next time to make it into a bark-type sweet. I’ll probably have to add also more chocolate.

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Driving Sweet Moments

Sometimes it happens. I wanted to turn right (that’s not a mistake, I wanted to turn right)¬†onto a very busy road. The car flow didn’t seem to end. Just when I thought it’d end, there was a green light for some more to come my (future) way. There were two cars, and not far behind, the cars from the new green light started driving.

And then it happened. 

The guy in the first of the two cars slowed down and waved , signaling me to turn. I don’t know if he was going to turn or keep going, but either way, it made me happy. I’ve had my share of waiting for a chance to turn. It gets ridiculous sometime after the 3rd or 4th minute. So I was happy to be able to turn without waiting for long.¬†

Just one of those sweet moments in life- nothing fancy, but so deliciously sweet! ūüôā

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