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Scented Tree for Tu Bishvat

It’s like a scratch and sniff art, only you don’t have to scratch it.

I mixed different packets of drink powder (you know, the ones aimed at kids), and some lemonade powder with a very small amount of water. I tried to use a variety of colors. Cotton swabs helped control the amount of liquid used, and the poster was heavy enough for this project.

2 weeks later, the trees still smell fruity. The orange scent is very strong, so take into account it might overpower other scents.




It was a lot of fun (And by that, I mean to say, of course, that it was a very quiet project that kept them busy for a while ^_^).


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Tu Bishvat Lunches

Tu bishvat lunches.

It turns out my dear children, while appreciating my creativity, do not get tempted by ‘fun’ foods, and would only eat what they usually eat. I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t get to eat more, but at least I got to do something creative and fun 🙂

The ‘tree’ on the left side is a piece of an apple, with tiny holes made for the raisins. It’s surrounded by cranberries, and the ‘bark’ is Shredded Wheat and an eighth of a small orange on top.

The ‘tree’ on the right is a stack of crackers, topped with cashew butter, and slices of stuffed olives. The ‘bark’ is a carrot, and it’s surrounded by small grapes.

Tu Bishvat lunches. The ‘tree’ is made of a scrambled omelette with cheese, put in plastic wrap and made into a ball (let me know if you’d like more details). I sprinkled some dried basil on top and added slices of stuffed olives. The ‘bark’ is a piece of carrot. On the bottom there are slices of cucumber and shavings of cucumber, and the top is made of slices of a soft bun.

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