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Chanukah Lollipop Candle Favors

The lollipop is peeking through a cut out in a shape of a flame. I used very thin foam for that. It’s from the dollar store, so it’s indeed very thin. I didn’t intend on using foam originally, but I think it turned out nice this way.

Picture 779

Picture 784


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Shofar Cookie Cutter Tutorial

Few years ago I was thinking about making my own cookie cutters. However, the only tutorial I could find was one using a copper strip, which gets to be pretty expensive nowadays. After a while I’ve found a tutorial about making a cookie cutter from an aluminum pan, but to be honest-  I didn’t have a great idea for a cookie cutter to bother with it. “Timing is in everything”.  

I guess the time has come for me to make a cookie cutter.
(For the tutorials that inspired me, go here: http://blog.jugglingfrogs.com/2007/10/make-your-own-cookie-cutter-from-clip.html  and here: http://whatscookingamerica.net/PegW/CookieCutters.htm

My Tutorial is the take-as-many-shortcuts-as-possible way…)

Without further ado- to the tutorial!

What you need:

Aluminum pan or a (very) heavy duty aluminum foil


A ruler

 A small piece of aluminum foil


1) Draw a simple shofar on a paper (no fancy curly yemenite shofar- the simpler, the better!)




2) Cut a strip of the aluminum pan. I used a used, pareve pan  that I didn’t mind letting go of. The pan is pretty strong. I’m sure some thick aluminum foil would also work well. The pictures feature a strip taken from the long side of the pan, which gives a thinner cutter. 

The strip was about 12”x2” (about 30 cm. x 5 cm.)




3) Fold the long cut sides about 1/4” towards the middle.Be very careful as the edges are sharp! I used a ruler to help with folding. After folding it on the ruler, I flattened the fold with the ruler.






4) Fold the strip in half so the long (now folded) cut sides meet. 



5) Flatten the folded side so it’ll be easier to cut the cookie dough.



6) Start shaping the cookie cutter. Put the strip on the drawing with the thinner,  flattened side, touching the drawing. Mold the strip to shape, following the lines on the drawing. Don’t worry, it’ll come together! Just keep shaping it until the strip meets the other end. Look at the shape from the side that was touching the drawing- that the side that’ll cut the cookie dough, so make sure you find that side to your liking.



7) Let it overlap about 1/2”, and cut the the rest of the strip. 



8 ) Secure with a small strip of aluminum foil, folded in half lengthwise. Wrap it around the ends and press. 

Turn the cookie cutter over, and take a look on the bottom side, the side that will cut the cookie. Make sure it’s to your liking.


9) You’re done! Cut the cookies, bake and enjoy!

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